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martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Moses was a Anunnaki

"The truth has to be ahead of science and religion."
I do not want to offend anyone, but gathering information on the Internet and the Bible have come to a conclusion that I consider true. You can believe or not believe me, but what really matters is that no one should be shocked by what comes next.
Noah died at 960 years and had to be an Anunnaki, because humans do not live more than 200 years and the Anunnaki themselves living 1000 years. their descendant Abraham died at 175 years old and his son Moses is considered the father of Judaism, died at the age of 120 years.
The Old Testament book is written in a symbolic way that obscures the historical truth of Moses, there are even doubts about their real existence and that it might be a myth.
The story of Moses is the following, Moses really existed, and was not a child saved from the waters of the Nile and raised in the court of the Pharaohs, it was a wise child of the lineage of Noah who became captain of a Army.
The Bible tells us a story about a fallen angel who disobeyed and rebelled against God, then were punished and sent to hell where they became demons.
In reality this means that there was a war for the legitimate control of the Earth, the Rebels were punished with atomic bombs and the earth became a Radioactive Hell for 4000 years.
The direct consequences of nuclear attack was that the water stored at the South Pole was released and pushed up the sea 40 or 50 meters.
The Earth's Legitimate Government ran out of people to govern. Humans came to live 200 years to live 40 years due to high concentrations of radioactivity in the whole Earth.
So the Earth was hopelessly mired in a radioactive HELL 4000 years. Part of the Elders Anunnaki took refuge in the huge galleries of Cemeteries Anunnaki, to protect against radioactivity and may still remain there. The other half took leave of his faithful on earth, saying that some day return.
During the first week of Nuclear War, Moses and the 12 tribes of Israel,loyal to the Living Gods, had the mission to fight against the Nubians and Egyptian Shadow Men. Moses was aware that as he approached a large Sunami so prepared a trap for his enemies. They got in the top of a plateau into believing they were going to withdraw. Then came the Sunami and everyone knows what happened.
But Moses and his men were surrounded by radioactivity, and that Moses led by the Anunnaki control, had to carry all the weight that he had to lead his army across the desert and having to ban drinking contaminated water, which is very difficult if you are thirsty.
[Image] Moses after finding the Promised Land without information shall be compiled on the shores of the Mediterranean, died or disappeared on Mount Nebo, young and old almost 120 years. I'm sure that if he died at that age, it was because of the radioactivity, cause I still suffer the rest of Mortals..
[Image] Mount Nebo was a Fort Anunnaki linked by a secret passage with a large cemetery Anunnaki
The curious thing about this cemetery is that it has over two lakes, two fictitious volcanoes and a mask of a pharaoh, surely this cemetery was in use and active when nuclear war occurred
[Image] Moses could protect from the radioactivity, decontaminated, and live peacefully in there, probably in the company of others like him. The cemetery is 5 miles of galleries, conditioned as a nuclear shelter and has infinite energy.
I hope you do not forget what I said at the beginning of this entry
"The truth has to be ahead of science and religion."
of my book Science Dance with God.
greetings from a friend and Have a nice day

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