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miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Anunnaki Gods and the Wailing Wall

The Western Wall or Wailing Wall is the holiest site in Judaism. His name in Hebrew means simply "Western Wall." This is the last vestige of the Temple of Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest building.
This image is authentic and represents a temple that resembles a volcano, is used to build on cemeteries Anunnaki and might have been the primitive model of David in Jerusalem Temple.
The remains still, dating from the days of Herod the Great, who ordered the construction of large retaining walls around Mount Moriah, in 37 BC expanding the small platform from which were built the First and Second Temple of Jerusalem, forming what is now known as the Temple Mount or Temple Mount.
The Western Wall is holy to Jews because it is the last piece of the wall surrounding the Temple.
But the first lamentations were made by the 12 Tribe of Israel, for having won the war, the radioactivity left the Earth, for 4000 years in hell.
Let me explain something very important to humans and especially for the Jewish people.
The twelve tribes of Israel, fought alongside the living God to defend the legitimate government of Earth. And so has their Sacred Bundles. But those were the Wise Gods Anunnaki who were considered gods.
I think more than one may be indigestion this entry, but it is not my intention to offend anyone, much less the people of Israel that were true heroes to defend the legitimacy of the government of the Gods Anunnaki. The Wailing Wall is composed of blocks belonging to the infrastructure of an old volcano that was on a large cemetery Anunnaki and had its entrance on the same volcano cone.
At that time there was no mason stone can move these large blocks or cars with enough force to transport them, so these blocks are Anunnaki. Only the 10 top rows are human.
The fictional volcano in the case of Jerusalem, was formed by an octagonal building covered with gold, precious stones and volcanic black stones on top to keep the tradition of the Elders Volcanic Anunnaki. This building has been amended many times but their stalls giants are still preserved in the Western Wall.

I'll tell you something that is not going to believe anyone, but I hope that gradually comes to human knowledge.
The Bible says only the truth, but there are certain nuances that have been changed, perhaps with good intentions, perhaps with good faith, or maybe to take advantage of the ignorance of people.
I mean what the Bible says is absolutely true, there is one detail that has very important significance.
Let me explain this detail that makes me wonder, and most of all because I remember my mother was always praying. In those passages in the Bible that says "God" must read "Wise Anunnaki considered living God" and then
we can say that everything the Bible from the Creation to this day is true.
The twelve tribes of Israel, were the personal guard of the living gods, but when he was infected Radioactivity Earth, the Wise Gods saved themselves and practically broke contact with them. Legitimate government was dissolved on Earth because there was nothing to rule.
I think it is very possible that the "wise considered gods" who were knew just, come back soon, because we are not able to govern decently Earth.
It seems incredible that people die of thirst, hunger and disease and we take it as a normal thing.

In fact, a decadent and indecent picture of humanity today.

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