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domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Jane Goodall's warning

British researcher Jane Goodall, On 18 January 2011 in San Sebastian warned that our planet walk "very fast towards a point of no return" and that "the threshold for change is shrinking ", so it has chosen to work in conservation and" investing in education "of a more sustainable lifestyle.

That same day the 18 January 2011, Michael Rampino scientist at the University of New York. He also stated that long periods of evolutionary stability, are affected by mass extinctions of life on Earth.
Shanan Peters, a professor of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-Madison said on June 15, 2008 in the journal Nature that the oceans, particularly the episodes of increase and decrease in the level sea ​​and its impact on the accumulation of sediment, is the prime cause of recurring events of mass extinction of species on our planet. And it can happen anytime a disaster with a setback similar to many thousands of years ago, triggered by a global cataclysm. MASS EXTINCTION S UP TO 23 MILLION IN 3,500 YEARS.

the Book, the "secret doctrine" H. P. Blavatsky that: There is an ancient and timeless wisdom, mother of the mysteries of antiquity. One of the central themes of this work is the origin and evolution of humanity, which provides periods, humanities or stages before us, each with completely different characteristics.

I think our future is not in good hands. I believe that Before 2050, a world government, should decide and take measures to decrease the sea, in order to avoid environmental disasters, and they will decimate the public starvation on planet Earth. I believe these measures should be adopted by independent scientists and not politicians .
Humans do not know these dangers. Much time elapses from one catastrophe to another, that alarms do not come on time is also possible that humans do not want to learn of the dangers to humans.

Our ancestors the ancient inhabitants of the Earth, already faced this problem many times and even left us a message for another. They did it to warn of the disaster that is upon us, and that if we ignore them and reverse the process, we will be in serious trouble.

The Mayan prophecies, are not Mayas because they are Anunnaki, are an example, We warn them that if we lower the sea level, Humanity will be subjected to a series of catastrophic processes that will increasing and causing many millions of deaths. So we may not do anything because the disasters come one after another, followed by disease, starvation and wars. then there is no possibility of reversing the process

¿Do you understand how incredibly amazing this process?, Before the Flood, and for more than 15.000 years ago, the Mediterranean Sea did not exist, its place was occupied by a series of channels with cities, the water was at the bottom of the Mediterranean, was dammed in freshwater in a series of lakes that were staggered and interconnected. (From my book The Science Dance with God in Xinxii.com)

With this Picture . You can get an idea of ​​how the Earth was in the Ancient World. "Not a drop of rain could return to the Sea." ¿if they did so why can not we do?

the Anunnaki were the cause of the last sea-level declines, and they worked beautifully and for millions of years, but in the latter process, it relied too much, more or less like humans do today. one day, all the Earth suffered an unexpected catastrophe and killed more than 8.000 million Anunnaki, 2.000 million free slaves human and 1.000 million fugitive called Demon or Shadow Men, who were the heirs of the "expelled from Paradise."

Once indeed give what I just said, we must begin to seek solutions and quickly. I think you have to begin to enact a World trying to prevent rain water Go back to the sea. You have to try to dam the water of the monsoon, and referral to freshwater lakes. Rivers should be abolished and converted into a series of reservoirs, lakes consecutive referrals prepared for it, even if they are dug into rock. In this company, all the nations of the earth shall cooperate and help each other.

This image is of a Collector Anunnaki Dam in Mexico, which can have more than 100,000 square kilometers. I'm sure that when the dam was in operation, could save many billions of gallons of water.

Some of those inside Mountains are mountains that are built Gatherers oriented in all directions in order to extract water from the clouds, where they come from, dam and other dams sent to lower levels.

I understand that these things are hard to believe but true. I only ask you to think about it is only for the safe of our grandchildren.
I hope you liked it, greetings to all from a friend.

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